TikTok Videos

Creating TikTok videos with POP INC Production. Get on the newest social media platform and get creative with video marketing.

TikTok is a popular social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos, just like karaoke for the digital age. The application allows users to create recorded videos in 15 seconds or less and share them within a community.

TikTok incorporates the successful elements of social media apps with a feed that features the user community, in addition to a “For You” feed that only serves to build personalized video recommendations according to viewing preferences.

TikTok video advertising is a new marketing tool for digital marketers like POP INC Production to help enterprises promote their products and services. POP INC Production will help you develop TikTok Videos to let your brand be known by the target audience and create a community by engaging with users of the app:

  1. Switching on interactivity:
    Engage solutions and unique interactive formats to connect creatively and authentically with audiences.
  2. Increase your audience, develop your brand and get the measurement goes up:
    Maximize ROI by making sure your audiences see your advertising and track your business performance in real time.
  1. Trends start here:
    Be part of the trend and engage with users who are at the front line of the latest trends and movements. Be relevant and be part of the trends that count to humans by being authentic.


TikTok Videos:

TikTok videos is a new social media that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is particularly popular among young people. TikTok is a social media that allows their users to be creative and express their messages in a variety of ways.

The application attracts 800 million active users across the world. TikTok is the marketing specialists’ ideal tool because it is easy to consume content and is viewed by millions of people on a daily basis. It is easy to understand why advertising for TikTok is getting more and more attention.


Who are the users of TikTok?

TikTok users are mainly people under 30 years old, especially those of generation Z – 41% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. And as this age group has a rising purchasing power, it is all the more important to understand TikTok’s ads and how to promote TikTok’s growth.


TikTok ads:

The TikTok application offers businesses many options for advertising in their social media platform:

  • Pre-Roll Ads: Videos that begin as soon as users launch the application
  • In-feed Ads: Videos that show up as users scroll by
  • Promoting the challenges of hashtag: Videos encouraging user contributions using a custom hashtag
  • Branding Effects: A personalized effect filter for use by creators in videos—similar to Snapchat and Instagram but with brand-specific branding information.


As a social media application, it is possible to collaborate with a TikTok influencer to help promote a brand’s products and service. Working with a reputable and relevant TikTok influencer to advertise your product is a balance between investing in TikTok ads and trying to create your own content.

Above all, TikTok users want creative, smart and fun videos, so if you want your brand advertising to focus on that with the videos you create, it’s only a matter of time before you get an audience. But don’t expect it to be instantaneous, because while some users can go viral from a single video, most users have to work hard and creatively to increase the audience.


Our TikTok Video Production Process

Every client is different and this demands a unique approach from our creative team. This dynamic approach helps us get to know your business, your services and your target audience.

  1. Creative meeting for your brand anthem video campaign
    Our team meets with you to talk about your project, your needs and to determine the ideal customer for your brand.
  2. Creation time
    Our team of content creators develop a strategy and content. With your approval, our highly qualified video production company can start to shine.
  3. Production
    Our team captures stunning images and do all the works to capture the images we need for the video production.
  4. Motion design
    Adding motion design to create a story to tell. With a well-established shooting plan, we will take all the necessary elements to meet the needs of the video production.
  1. Editing
    Putting together all the creative elements for a splendid video. With the help of our professional equipment, we will take a video to the next level of professionalism and elegance.
  2. Delivery
    We share the result with you. With the final result of the video production, our team will share it with you so that you are fully satisfied with the mandate and your needs.
  3. Broadcast
    With your approval, we broadcast the brand anthem video for your brand at the right media. We will use the most appropriate digital marketing techniques to optimize the best results for video delivery to reach your target audience.

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