Social Media Ads

POP INC Production are expert in content creation for social media ads

Social media marketing is a must-have if you’re looking to quickly engage with a new target audience and to stand out from the competitors. As content marketing professionals, POP INC Production’s creative team produces high-quality content ourselves. What we produce is then used by brands and social media influencers to reach and engage with the target audience.

Social media ads are effective when you identify the right target audience for your product or service with the right media. It is useful to know which social media networks are most popular with your target audience. Where is your target group most engaged, focused and accessible? With POP INC Production team and experience, we can help you answer these questions.

How can Social Media Ads be benefited?

Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect and engage with your audience in order to develop your brand, increase your sales and drive more traffic to your website. This means publishing a lot of content on your social media platform profiles, reaching and engaging with your followers, measuring your results and broadcasting social media ads.

Currently, the main social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. There is also a variety of social media management tools that assist companies in getting the most out of the social media platforms mentioned above.

These days, companies use social media in multiple ways. For example, a brand that cares about what people are saying about it would monitor social media discussions and the response to relevant content. A company that wants to understand its social-media performance would analyze its reach, engagement and sales on social media with a social media analytics tool. A business that wants to reach a specific audience on a large scale would broadcast highly targeted ads on social media.

Here’s How POP INC Production Can Help Your Business

Social media marketing first began with publishing. Companies shared their content on social media to generate traffic to their websites and hopefully generate sales. But social media has grown far more than being just a place to share content. Here’s some way that POP INC Production can help your business grow by developing an effective social media ad’s campaign:

  1. Create brand identity and recognition
    Establishing brand recognition is one of the most essential marketing goals of any business. Consumers want to buy brands they can identify with. The good news is that social media makes it easy and efficient to build a brand. Social media has an advantage over conventional media because it makes it much quicker and easier to get your brand known. In addition, they allow your audience to see your brand even if they don’t think about your branding or your product.
  2. Generate a discussion about your brand
    A strong social media marketing strategy will generate conversations about your brand, products and services. For example, a simple thank you message for the purchase of a product can generate dialogues with the audience because you take time for the customer and ensure his satisfaction.


  1. Develop social interaction to connect with your audience through social listening.
    Social listening is the process of monitoring social discussions about certain topics. It helps you understand what is relevant to your audience and identify trends that your target audience is following. You will learn about the challenges they encounter, which can help you develop content that addresses those challenges. You can also understand the tone and language your target audience is using.
  2. Share your Brand’s Story
    By using social media, you can promote your brand’s mission and share stories. Powerful stories can have a great impact on your brand’s image. With POP INC Production’s storytelling ideas, we can capture your message in a story that engages people, simplifies the information and creates an emotional response.


Our Social Media Ads Process

Every client is different and this demands a unique approach from our creative team. This dynamic approach helps us get to know your business, your services and your target audience.

  1. Creative meeting for your brand anthem video campaign
    Our team meets with you to talk about your project, your needs and to determine the ideal customer for your brand.
  2. Creation time
    Our team of content creators develop a strategy and content. With your approval, our highly qualified production company can start to shine.
  3. Production
    Our team captures stunning images and do all the works to capture the images we need for the video production.
  4. Motion design
    Adding motion design to create a story to tell. With a well-established shooting plan, we will take all the necessary elements to meet the needs of the video production.
  1. Editing
    Putting together all the creative elements for a splendid video. With the help of our professional equipment, we will take a video to the next level of professionalism and elegance.
  2. Delivery
    We share the result with you. With the final result of the video production, our team will share it with you so that you are fully satisfied with the mandate and your needs.
  3. Broadcast
    With your approval, we broadcast the brand anthem video for your brand at the right media. We will use the most appropriate digital marketing techniques to optimize the best results for video delivery to reach your target audience.

People may forget what you said or did,
but never how you made them feel.