Commercial Video production

Always extra points for video content

Digital marketing is about positioning and communicating your unique value to a very specific audience. You have to ensure that you design a message that is adapted to the specific concerns of a very well-defined audience for you. That sounds risky because if you reduce the subject of your message, you have to leave things out. The only thing riskier than that is leaving everything in. 

Video is that much easier to consume than content on a mobile device. And with 75% of internet activity occurring on mobile devices, this is a very significant factor to take into account. Convincing short videos with educational elements or entertainment value are ideal for mobile devices and can be easily share all through your platform to promote your product or service.

Video is the way to get to the client


Video is by far the fastest growing marketing strategy today, because it informs and persuades better than any other type of media. Video is a powerful experience that engages the audience both visually and orally. 


Why just explain how does your product work when you can actually show people using and enjoying it? Video is becoming increasingly popular because it is the best way to quickly communicate a large amount of information to an attention-deficit plagued audience. Video is particularly effective when you need to demonstrate the more intangible advantages of a product.

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We create videos that are beyond your expectations. With POP inc . let us creatively and visually stunning tell your story. Our video production team in Ottawa will help you connect with and engage your audience with a stunning video that increases your results.