Artist in Residence Distillerie

Artist In Residence Distillerie

Located on the outskirts of Gatineau, Artist in Residence is a micro-distillery for free spirits, audacious and passionate people. Using local ingredients, this company distills quality products that redefine the classics: gin, vodka, coffee liqueur, etc. Artist in Residence represent the limitless spirit that drives every creative act. Artist in Residence is aligned with the star that guides the most daring adventurers, wherever they may be.

Our mandate

Video production, recipe videos,  web-series, photography, social media content and event recap in Colombia.

Our strategy

Our main strategy and focus for this project was awareness, engagement and conversions to sales at SAQ. Our work was spread across 18 months of content creation, publishing and monitoring results.

We used video production to humanise the distillerie and engage with their audience in Québec.

We produced a 7 episodes web series showing the behind the scene of the distillerie and showcasing the people behind the spirit creation. The success of this web series brought us to Colombia to film season 2. We followed the client to South America and documented the compagnies expansion. We participated in the largest Carnaval in Barranquilla and filmed the whole experience.

We produced over 15 videos of recipes, 18 videos of products.

We created over 26 photo sessions with different products.

We also produced over 325 social media content.