Why Pop Production?

Who are POP INC Production, here’s some fact about us

POP INC Production is different from other creative agencies of video production in Ottawa. We put people first, that is our words: Our motto is the human being, our impact is real.

We work with humans who share the same values. We cultivate lasting relationships that grow in joy, authenticity and innovation. We display audacity on a daily basis and we are in constant digital evolution. With 15 years experience in digital marketing, our skilled team is motivated to use its power of attraction as a vehicle for positive change for business, the environment and its community.

At Pop Production we work with you to create the perfect video to fit with the stunning content we provide. Not only can video enhance the overall look and feel of your digital marketing, but it can deliver significant and measurable benefits. For POP INC Production, we believe that a changing world requires a thirst for innovation.

What Does It Mean to Work With POP INC Production

POP INC Production has an incredible ability to adapt and can produce many types of video contents in your image and your needs. If you are looking to produce a TV commercial with a humorous video, we are able to do so. If you are looking to produce a testimonial with emotional video, we can do that too. POP INC Production can respond to your requests and our creativity and innovative ideas allow us to offer you several solutions to set you apart from your competitors.

POP INC Production offers you a video production service to stand out your business from the rivals. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and creativity, POP INC Production will meet your video production mandate by focusing on these points:

  1. Being authentic:
    Being authentic is one of our most fundamental values at POP INC Production. Humans want people to be real with them and nothing replaces a human connection. According to our team, authenticity is the key. If your video production is authentic, you will leave a durable impression to your audience.
  2. A professional approach:
    Working with POP INC Production, it means that our brainstorming sessions are fun, comforting, professional and have a real impact. Every project we are involved in is a reflection of our personality and our vision of the world. We make sure it’s fun, engaging and relevant to the audience you’re targeting and all of that with a professional look thanks to the talent of our video artisans.


  1. Catch the audience’s interest:
    To deliver an effective video production, you have to capture the audience’s attention immediately and keep it engaged for the duration of the video. Depending on the type of the video, it has to be long enough to provide a detailed explanation of the product or service like a product launch video. Or short enough to catch the viewer’s interest for exposure with a good idea like in a video for TikTok to participate in a trend to change people’s mind.
  2. A Good Storytelling
    It’s more than just having a good video, you need to be able to talk about it in a way that distinguishes you from the masses. That’s the reason why it’s so essential to tell the story of the brand. With POP INC Production’s storytelling ideas, we can capture your message in a story that engages people, simplifies the information and creates an emotional response.


What can POP INC Production produce to make a great video production result?

With excellent skills from our video artists from POP INC Production, the power of video resides in its abilities to engage and inspire, entertain and educate in an effortlessly consumable and easily accessible format that is highly shareable. If you want your video production to have an impact, it should be more to just to show the product or service. In fact, it should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and the vision of what you are trying to build to connect with the people.

Our knowledge at POP INC Production allows us to know how to break the noise and stand out with a message that is meaningful, different and effectively represents your brand identity. With our experience, successful video productions include the following:

  • A Head Start
    The mandate of our team of professionals is to create powerful content that allows you to reach your target audience and stand out from your competition. For POP INC Production, we believe that a changing world requires a thirst for innovation.
  • Better Exposure
    Indispensable to stand out on the new web platforms, a quality corporate or promotional video allows you to establish a strong brand image, whatever your business sector. Increase your audience, develop your brand and get the measurement going up. That’s what POP INC Production can do for your business.
  • Personalized Services
    From pre-production to the shooting and distribution of your final video, we create a video that meets your needs, shows who you are and tell your story. The best video production will capture the voice and identity of the brand, and communicate the company’s values and ethics.

Our Video Production Process

Every client is different and this demands a unique approach from our creative team. This dynamic approach helps us get to know your business, your services and your target audience.

  1. Creative meeting for your video campaign
    Our team meets with you to talk about your project, your needs and to determine the ideal customer for your brand.
  2. Creation time
    Our team of content creators develop a strategy and content. With your approval, our highly qualified production company can start to shine.
  3. Production
    Our team captures stunning images and do all the works to capture the images we need for the video production.
  4. Motion design
    Adding motion design to create a story to tell. With a well-established shooting plan, we will take all the necessary elements to meet the needs of the video production.
  1. Editing
    Putting together all the creative elements for a splendid video. With the help of our professional equipment, we will take a video to the next level of professionalism and elegance.
  2. Delivery
    We share the result with you. With the final result of the video production, our team will share it with you so that you are fully satisfied with the mandate and your needs.
  3. Broadcast
    With your approval, we broadcast the result of the video production for your brand at the right media. We will use the most appropriate digital marketing techniques to optimize the best results for video delivery to reach your target audience.

People may forget what you said or did,
but never how you made them feel.